It’s About Making Women Feel Better About Themselves!

It’s About Making Women Feel Better About Themselves!

Co-owner Darla Hoelscher says it’s about making women feel better about themselves so they will have the strength to fight for their lives.

“This is a women camaraderie thing that we’ve really gotten involved with because of them and when a woman comes into the shop, she is overwhelmed with all these things that have come up, in the last five days even,” Hoelscher said.

For some women it’s about confidence and others just want to blend in. Whatever it is, Hoelscher says many of the breast cancer patients she works with say that losing their hair is almost as hard or harder than losing their breasts.

“We do end up talking about everything…their family, who they are and what they do. We get to be comfortable with them and we hope that we get to see them over and over again throughout their whole process,” Hoelscher said.

Over the last several years, the ladies that run Angels In Your Corner have become close to many of their clients.

“These ladies are dear to our hearts and it’s why we have to be involved. We just have to be involved every aspect of the process that we can,” Hoelscher said.